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Seismic Data Fetching and Processing

Data Request Tools

Seismic Data Format Conversion

Seismic Data Processing

Plotting and Visualization



Traveltime and Ray Tracing

Synthetic Seismograms

Ray Theory for 1D Layered Earth

Reflectivity/Wavenumber Integration for 1D Layered Earth

Reflectivity/Wavenumber Integration for 1D Layered Spherical Earth

Normal Modes Summation for 1D Layered Spherical Earth

Direct Solution Method for 1D Layered Spherical Earth

Boundary Element Methods

Discontinuous Galerkin Method

Finite Difference Methods

Finite Element Methods

Pseudo-Spectral Methods

Spectral Element Methods

Hybrid Methods

Surface waves in 3D structures

Waveform Forward Modelling

Seismic Source

Earthquake Detection

Earthquake Location

Focal Mechanism



Seismic Tomography

Body-wave Tomography

Ambient Noise Data Processing

Surface-wave Dispersion Measurement

Surface-wave Tomography

Surface-wave Dispersion Inversion

Surfave-wave Tomography Workflow

Direct Inversion of Surface-wave Dispersion Data

Surface-wave Dispersion Forward Calculation

Seismic Imaging

Receiver Function

Rayleigh-wave Ellipticity

Shear Wave Splitting

Scattering and Intrinsic Attenuation

Joint Inversion of Seismological Data

Waveform Inversion

Full Waveform Inversion

Multi-observable Modelling and Inversion of Geophysical Data

Ambient Noise

Ambient Noise Monitoring

Noise HVSR

Earth’s interior

Seismic Data Analysis

General Signal Analysis

Phase Picking

Single Station Signal Analysis

Array seismology

Seismic Interferometry

Seismic Data Digitization and Correction

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

Spherical Harmonics

Seismological/Geophysical Library

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Mineral Physics

Thermodynamic Modeling



Geophysical Inversion

Inversion Theory

Linear Algebra

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